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Hi I’m Jackie, I’m an Ugandan- Brit creative, dancer, health enthusiast and change agent. I have a general passion for encouraging people and am really interested in others journeys. 


Why RAW ?

Honestly this has been an idea that has been sitting in my head, daydreams and notebooks for about 2 years now and here I am with no excuses post lockdown and space to refine it’s finally here.


Well R.A.W stands for Real Authentic and Winning, I'm a big believer in being your truest self. I have a lot to say and often use my words to encourage and inspire others plus I’m surrounded by so many amazing people, maybe you see them as everyday heroes they’re still heros, trust me they are pretty awesome and doing incredible things navigating their purpose in creativity, business and the community. I wanted to create this platform to celebrate people, provide an opportunity to connect and to encourage others to pursue their purpose. 


Join me as I celebrate and acknowledge my personal journey and various people through knowing more of who they are, what’s their story, why they do what they do?


In a world where we’re so consumed and influenced by celebrity and pop culture, I wanted to show there are many ways to win in this life. 


Know your purpose, know your lane and be who you are meant to be. 


Enjoy and be inspired! 

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