2020 the year of Joy

Happy new year - yes you’ve made it to 2021.

What a year 2020 was I know you’ve probably heard this so many times, I think the shock of came from not only the unexpected pandemic plus the sky high, out of this world expectations I know I had and many others did - 2020 was going to be the year right?

No one was ready, but hey we move we got through it. In saying that I don’t like to bad mouth 2020 I don’t believe it was bad year for everyone I feel it was just very different.

Reflecting on last year, I reluctantly looked into the goals I set out to achieve and more importantly my word for the year. If you don’t know already get to know, having a word for the year is basically an intention that leads and carries you throughout the year. Guess what my word was - Joy, in fact abundant joy.

I literally wrote in my journal “I will find the joy in whatever I do and wherever I am.”

Hilarious right - so getting to March with the announcement of a pandemic, I had no words and frankly was in denial for weeks to be honest. However, I never back down so Joy it was.

So how did I get on?

I learnt to experience the true joy of just living and being, not relying on external things, people, jobs and circumstances to dictate my joy.

I learnt the art of gratefulness just being joyful for waking up, the family around me, a garden where I could catch some sun rays, my health, time with myself the list is endless - joy is truly an internal choice we get to make and seek.

It definitely wasn’t easy and everyday wasn’t not a complete walk in the park but there was a glimmer of light that sparked joy. This was a powerful intention, which kept me going, despite circumstances I choose to find the joy in whatever I was doing or wherever I am even. I got to embark to great opportunities towards the end of the year which definitely added to my joy, but this just increased what was already there, I didn’t wait for the external as this year has shown us how uncertain life can be - let’s not wait to be joyful.

My top takeaways from my year of Joy

  1. Joy is an internal choice we get to seek - go find it, hint is not that faraway

  2. Joy requires special care and attention - do things that bring you joy as well as look for the joy where you are.

  3. Joy is the light at the end of the tunnel that helps you to keep pushing going through the hard times, because that joyful light will be so worth it.

  4. Joy is infectious - don’t keep it to yourself you can easily spread the joy you have to others, be a smile, an encouraging message, a funny video be creative it doesn’t have to take a lot.

Try it - choose a word for your year 2021 and watch how it manifests throughout your life and year - Remember words hold so much power, so choose wisely.


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