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5 Lessons from Harriet Tubman

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I finally got round to watching the film Harriet based on activist Harriet Tubman. To be honest with you, I was pretty reluctant to watch it at first as I thought the plot was purely centred on the black trauma of slavery. But I’m glad I finally watched it, because mate... what an amazing woman, what a legend, I was truly inspired by her story I continued to research into this amazing woman. So here are my top 5 lessons from Harriet Tubman, I hope they encourage you.

Photographer - Kirt Morris

1. Go first

Tubman wished to be freeman along with her family and other slaves. She made the bold decision to accomplish this mission first all by herself, literally making the journey to freedom on her jack jones. With no clue what to expect, just trusting those she met on the way. This is very true and was well said in our previous interview with Daniel Bailey, there are spaces black people especially are yet to take up. But who is going to go first and lead the way, it’s not an easy position but this is the where real change is going to happen.

2. All you need is Faith

She was devoted to her faith as Christian, with regular encounters and conversations with God, who she relied on to show her the way to go. She couldn’t read or write bur this did not stop her, Tubman had fearless faith, that she never lost slave. Although the situation got tougher, Tubman wasn’t threatened by the challenge regardless of how impossible it looked - maybe it’s time to exercise your faith and trust that inner voice guiding you.

3. You are not who they say you are

I strongly believe names are powerful, carrying meaning and purpose to your life. ‘Harriet Tubman’ was not her birth name, she was born ‘Araminita Ross’ nickname Minty ( Upon becoming free she choose the name she wanted to be known as. Sometimes there are names people are used to calling you that don’t reflect who you are now and who you are becoming. Walk in that new found freedom and future.

4. Bring others with you

It wasn’t enough for Tubman to be free all by herself, she wanted others to experience freedom. She made it her mission and purpose to help other slaves. I absolutely love this, as I believe we have all been given gifts and talents that not only we enjoy and is also to benefit other people. How can we use what we have to empower and add value to others.

5. Make history

Tubman became the "first woman to lead an armed military operation in the United States in what is known as the Combahee Ferry Raid." I’m mean she is just a legend who helped led the way to free over 70 slaves, if she doesn’t inspire or encourage you, then I don’t what will.

Tubman fearless faith reminds me of the incredible potential we all have to be change agents wherever we find ourselves so channel your inner Harriet Tubman and be the change.


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