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5 Tips to Build Confidence

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

1. Its about courage

Can I tell you a secret…No one is ever really fearless there is always some level of fear that is present. But what makes people look confident and fearless is that they have courage. What is courage - its the ability to do things that frighten you. So be brave, no matter what don’t let the level of fear stop you for taking that step forward and guess what the more you face fear head on your confidence will surely grow.

2. Master you self talk

The person you spend most of the time with is yourself, you are with you 24/7. So how do you talk to yourself? What is that internal dialogue like? Is it one of kindness, encouragement, positivity or is it one that is doubtful, self-sabotaging and negative. What you say to your self is so important and the good news is that you can build upon this through affirmations speaking words of life over yourself, be you own cheerleader.

3. Take risks

It's hard to ever really know what the future may hold, you can either spend time thinking about all the possibilities and what ifs or you can dive in and experience it for yourself. Take a risk, stretch yourself take a step into the unknown, you begin to take risk you will begin to trust yourself more and build confidence.

4. Celebrate every win

No matter how big or small celebrate and acknowledge every win this could be waking up early, cleaning a room, meeting a deadline whatever it is. Whats more keep track of these wins, so you can remember and see how far you have come, and what you have accomplished. This will fuel your confidence to keep going, if you’ve overcome something similar before you will definitely have the confidence to take on what’s in front of you.

5. Focus on the now

Focus on what is right in front of you what you have to do today and this very moment. A lot of the time we start to think of what could be which is so far ahead and this can have a tendency to breed anxiety, as you constantly wonder what the future holds. I once read that anxiety is “worrying about something that hasn’t happened and probably will never happen”, this quote changed my life. Find and build your confidence in conquering the now, again it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, remember tomorrow has its own worries so you can face them when you get there.

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