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5 Top Tips for Building Resilience

We’ve gathered that our resilience has had no choice but to grow in the last year with the affects of the recent pandemic, so how can we make sure we can continue to build resilience. Here’s 5 tips to help you build resilience, an attribute we will always need to keep in our back pocket.

1. Shift your perspective

This is big one and very life changing. We may not be able to change our circumstances but we can change the way we see and approach our circumstances. Learning to see the bigger picture, thinking beyond yourself is a true art and will really help you persevere. I often try to think less from the perspective of what is challenging me, more of what is this teaching me, how am I growing and how will this help me to help others in the future. Find the light in the midst of your darker days.

2. Set and have a goal

The goal will be your drive to keep going, the focus and the reason for it all. When you know your why, this will sustain and motivate you to press and persevere forward. This goal is the key foundation to get you started, keeping you focused and essentially makes life worth it. So what are your goals or another way to put it is dreams and aspirations. Remember there are all different types of goals, short term, long term, personal, financial, career, family, traveling… and the list goes on. Whatever they are be sure to write them down and make it clear, so you can refer to them.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

Comfort is good and nice, but nothing ever grows there. Find different regular opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. Every once in a while do something new this can be as simple as following a new recipe, new hobby, volunteering, exploring your local area, new fitness regime, complementing a complete stranger. Be as creative and adventurous as you like, the idea is that you always find ways to grow and develop; learn new things about yourself and the way the world works. So when, not if but when you’re faced with the unexpected you should be able to adapt, refocus and win in your new situation. Life doesn’t guarantee us a smooth road, we’re going to come across bumps in the road but let's be sure they don’t take us out.

4. Find your joy

You know yourself better than anybody else, so you know what brings you joy. Whatever those things are be sure you don’t neglect them. Find moments to experience joy in the midst to lift your spirits up and fuel you to keep going. For me it’s workouts, dance, cake and a RomCom movie. This is not going to make the difficulties go away, but you don’t have to wait to be happy you can experience as dose of joy right where you are, its a choice and your responsibility.

5. Confide in your cheerleaders

We’ve heard it so many times about the importance of your circle. Be sure to surround yourself with encouraging, supportive and motivated individuals who will cheer you on, remind you of how great you are and have your best interests at heart. I always say a good circle will be ready to tell you both what you want and don’t want to hear, it makes a difference, You don’t have to go it alone, find your tribe where you can safely share your ups and your downs.

We hope these tips have been helpful and support you building resilience.


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