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6 Tips to Making a Fresh Start

Second month of the 2021 is almost over, are there any new ventures you're looking to do, whether you're thinking of a new career, country, area, hobby, business, relationship or to start a family - whatever it is, it's new. Here are some tips to help you with your new beginnings.

1. Make a plan

Your passion is not enough you need to have a plan, as they say fail to plan, plan to fail. Your plan will make your passion a reality. Ensure your plan includes research, mentors, finances and timeframes to name a few. Research your new venture or sphere, get as much information as possible about where you are looking to go. Consult a mentor or someone who is currently experienced in this new area, if can’t access someone in person, YouTube is a great place to get a better insight. Try test the water for example I was going to auditions and doing as much dance work and training as I could whilst still in full time work. Finances is a big one, budget how much money you’ll need to support your new move. I made the official decision to leave my job in November 2016 and left in March 2017, I did this strategically so I could save money, and also benefit from end of year bonus which was very handy. Timeframes will keep you on track to progress so you’re not wondering aimlessly, remember your end dates are just as important as your start dates. Although things don’t always go to plan, it is still a great guideline, you may need to tweak as you go but at least you have some sort of direction.

2. Protect your seed

Treat your new venture like the creation of all living things where in the early stages they are protected and covered to be nurtured whilst it grows, whether is it's in egg shell, mother's womb or soil, the exposure to the environment is very limited and often concealed. Take special care and attention, just as you wouldn’t leave a baby anywhere or with someone you don’t trust the same principal applies. Be mindful with who and where you share your plans and ideas with, not everyone will see the vision and may actually place their fears or lack of vision on to you, which can lead to discouragement and doubt, you just don’t need that. So be careful of overexposing your big plans before you or your new venture is mature enough. Ensure the soil is in good condition so that you can flourish stronger and healthier in your new venture. Not everything has to be posted on social media, real change and growth happens behind closed doors, when no one is looking.

3. Don’t look back

Just don’t do it, it's not worth it. Once you’ve made the decision, commit and see it through. There maybe things you learn along the way that you wish you knew before hand, or probably the thoughts longing of your old life, along with other shoulda, woulda, coulda. The past is the past you can’t change it, be present where you are and make the most of what is right in front of you, move forward and don’t look back. Reflect, learn, apply and keep it moving.

4. Go hard or go home

As I said earlier your passion is not enough, neither is talent, as you’re starting a fresh you’re going to have to put in the work. In my personal experience I felt even more busier being a freelance dancer than working full time, don’t get me wrong I knew hard work was involved but I totally underestimated to what extent. From picking up another part-time job to keep the money up in between, working and juggling long days on jobs to working on my craft. I’ve realised you work hard to get to the goal, then also work hard to maintain and grow and to be honest it doesn't stop I'm still putting in the work. Nothing is a walk in the park and opportunities will not always just come to you, you have to move towards the goal and hard work is what separates those that excel and those that don’t. However, find your healthy rhythm and balance because burnout is not cool. Work hard and focus on your goal and remove distractions that are not going to help you, let it go.

5. Enjoy the process

Life is better when you’re enjoying it, find the joy in all aspects whether you're uncomfortable or feeling in your element. We can’t control the future but we can control and change our perspective on how we see things. Enjoy your humble beginnings even if you’re making loads of mistakes, it’s all lessons learned. Acknowledge and celebrate all your small wins whilst you march towards your big wins which ultimately are just a moment.

6. Your why is your anchor

If you remember in my previous blog post I said I wasn’t just pursing my passion I was pursuing my purpose. Hard times are inevitable and no one knows what the future holds, as this pandemic has shown us, always remember why you are starting or have started. Your why will give you the endurance to keep going or to stop and move on, because maybe you achieved what you set out to do. There has been countless of times as a dancer I’ve felt like giving up or felt lost, then I remember why I’m doing this that it’s my purpose and the impact I want to make or feel, and I wipe those tears, shake off those emotions and keep going.

We hope you enjoyed and found these top tips useful, good luck with whatever you’re starting and remember everyday is new opportunity to start a fresh. Take courage and go for it and most of all trust and enjoy the process.


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