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Autumn = Fall

Wow end of September already!

We’re well into the autumn season generally associated with new beginnings, schools are open - I’ve never seen so many parents excited about the school run lol. A season of crisp bright sun, stunning warm colours of orange, yellows and reds the leaves really show off; comfort in jumpers, hot drinks and pies.

Every year I’m fascinated at the way the leaves fall and disappear, trees stand still and tall, bold and bare. As I reflect on this year so far, to be honest I don’t know about you this whole year feels like autumn, like fall. I like most watched as life as I know it or more like life as I planned had fallen - jobs, holidays, money, opportunities, routine, gym it’s definitely been a season of letting go by force. As discouraging and unpleasant as it’s been, it’s definitely something I just had to embrace and surrender to just like the trees in autumn.

Think about it although you don’t see anything just bare lonely branches, yet you know by spring that green leaf beauty will begin to blossom and bloom as we begin to enjoy and bathe in the sun’s warmth again.

So what am I trying to say approach this year like autumn if that’s where you are and you’re feeling like your in season of having many things around you fall away and being forced to let go. It’s hard, painful and hurtful at times especially when it feels like constant hits. Just know even though you can’t see much happening on the outside, there is a lot happening on the inside. And think about it, if trees don’t ever let go of their old leaves how can new leaves grow and be embraced in the next season.

Letting go is part of the process so you can embrace the new.

So stay hopeful, grateful and truthful.

This is a real season of change.


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