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Bounce back

The days are brighter and the flowers are beginning to bloom and there seems to be an air of positivity through this pandemic.

This month will mark a year when the unexpected happened, the world actually shifted. What a time to be alive, what an experience and definitely one to remember.

Resilience, that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about this last year, face it everyone was affected not just bad problems but also good problems. It’s a powerful characteristic that we all need and the best part is that it’s able to grow and get stronger through our experiences.

What ever you experience good or bad, it’s not just about going through it allow yourself to growing through it, take the best out the experience life is giving you right now. It’s one thing to spectate but when you participate it hits differently, it becomes more sentimental you're actually able to take ownership, make a change and keep going further.

So are you ready to bounce back into this new world? We probably have so many questions, I guess they will be answered as we get on with life. We have to endure and be resilient throughout the lockdowns and now we're required another dose of resilience to bounce back into this new world, however I don't this last year was a wasted year. Perhaps you'll actually be able to see how much you have grown or not.

So has your resilience grown? Well I really hope so, I know mine has. It took me by a surprise I’ve always thought of myself as a resilient person, I thought I was aways able to persevere through difficult situations, but I’ve realised is that there are different types of resilience which blew my mind, particularly emotional as Patrick Mouratoglou (Serena Williams coach) says our emotions are bad advisors. These emotions had to get in order quick, I couldn’t let them lead my day, their not bad and we’re allow to feel that’s what makes us humans. However we can’t allow emotions to run the show of our lives.

How have you shown resilience? Here are some of the things that have helped with be resilient during this time:

  • Morning prayers

  • Daily workouts

  • A daily attitude of gratitude

  • Daily affirmations

  • Online auditions

  • Dance training

  • Showing up as teacher not only to teach but to encourage too

  • Keeping my ideas notebook alive and kicking

  • Sticking to social media and other media boundaries

  • Keeping my career a priority

There were many times I didn’t want to do these activities but I made a decision to do them regardless of how I felt, I gave it a go and they really boosted my mood and perspective in many ways.

The moral of the story is don’t give up, know what you have to do to keep going and know what you are going towards.

It’s inevitable for us to know how the whole journey will pan out but one thing you can do is start right where you are to commit and not give up, even if it’s as simple as maintaining a clean house.

Stay tuned for more steps on building resilience.


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