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Interview: Daniel Bailey

We're here with our second interview for this month.

Introducing Daniel Bailey Hackney born Activist - Digital Content Producer - Filmmaker - Writer - Performer. Who cares deeply for the issues concerning those whose voices are silenced within British society. He endeavours to advocate art to those who’re affected by racism and classism as means of self expression. 

Give us a background into your journey making you the artist you are today?

I started formal training at The Urdang academy when I was 16. Prior to this I had no real experience or understanding of theatre training or musical theatre as an industry. Through my training and the early part of my career most things were decided for me, as I was so young and easy to mould. But as I matured and my opinions on social/political views formed, I found that my creative environment didn’t give me space or platform to use my voice. So I then began to pick up new creative tools, for example journalism, creative writing and filmmaking to express myself. From this place ThePalaceOfTheDogs was born.

Tell us more about the Palace of the Dogs, how and why did you start?

ThePalaceOfTheDogs is an Arts activism group who advocate arts to marginalised and underprivileged communities. We support artists, produce and create work that uses creativity as a vessel for social/political views. It became increasingly obvious to me that the role of art in our society was losing its importance; being used as a tool for capital gain rather than a platform that can guide our politics and give voice to the people. It started when I found that I had an opinion and I didn’t have the scope to explore that in my immediate creative environment. The opinion that I had was linked to race and inherently (because black people are the originators of art/culture) I chose art as a platform to discuss it.

With the BLM there’s a lot of attention on the black community, what shifts are you hoping to see within the arts for the black community?

The shifts that I hope to see are all about what black people do for themselves; What are we willing to tolerate? How many times can we see our culture appropriated and yet demonised when we do it? The ideas about what we need to do as black people overall stems from how we mobilise as a community; to me it doesn’t matter if you have a difference in opinion or tactic, it’s about having an honest common goal. I think its time that we take up space in fields we haven’t before, own what is ours culturally and release our minds from mental slavery (Bob Marley- Redemption Song quote)

Being an ‘arts activist’ can’t be easy, what are some major challenges you have encountered and how have you overcome them?

Most of my challenges come from my own community mostly: I think as black people we can be so used to accepting that racism/prejudice is a day to day thing and also the fact we measure our successes to whiteness, that sometimes we forget to listen - That this doesn’t have to be like this. It like a young person who is being abused at some point they believe that its normal- but abuse ie. Racism, Prejudice, homophobia is not normal.

What would you say are some of your proudest moments as an artist and for The Palace of the Dogs?

My proudest moments for me have been when I have been able to articulate a topic/opinion through producing art/events/film/panel discussions. Growing up my uncle would have a dance in Clapton-on-sea every year. There would be 5 coach loads of families and I realised that bringing people together is so important. Continuing culture is so important. Anyway that I can do that is pure pride and beauty for me as an artist and for ThePalaceOfTheDogs.

Finally to you What is Real?...What is Authentic? And What is Winning?

Lauryn Hill said

“The real you is better than the fake somebody else”.

Once you come to terms with this fact and stop competing with other peoples purpose - winning becomes everyday.

Continue to follow Daniel's journey by following him and ThePalaceof theDogs on

Instagram - @justbailey91 and @TPOTDs


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