Interview: Danielle Lecointe - Mosca

Introducing Danielle Lecointe - Mosca, a creative visionary coach, choreographer, author, podcast host and the Creative Super Hero. With a sensational 20 years experience as an artist, teacher and mentor, Danielle is on a fearless mission to help others cultivate, courageous creativity leading her to be start IMPower Creatives movement. Her journey so far is just incredible and she has even more to give.

Give us an insight into your journey to being the creative superhero you are today?

I started off as a dancing singing little kid bopping around our 2 bed flat, that developed into dance companies, theatre shows,TV and film, art and writing. I love that kind of artistry but I also love to problem solve and to see new ways of doing things; and discovering the mystery in what looks normal to me is creativity. It’s all about keeping the world creative. It’s funny that even before the campaigns and the slowing down of things like theatre. I was still advocating for people to find a deeper connection to their creativity. Today it is necessary more than ever to help people see that the world revolves around creativity and I’m simply here to help people see how.

As a creative superhero what would you say are some of your proudest moments and also biggest lessons you have learnt?

I think the moment I realised I wasn’t normal. Now there’s nothing wrong with “normal” but I would say define it. What is normal? The moment I embraced my differences and the fact that I see the world in colour. Like a rainbow crashing to earth, that was the wow moment, I shifted and I love it. I’ve learnt to not fit the mould. A lot of coaches and mentors will tell you to stand out and be who you are but not really dig into what that means. Discover who you are. Define what you like and hate. When you know some of those things they really do show you who you are and that keeps you focused. Remembering that you can not compare yourself anyone. I’ve learnt to embrace, love and honour myself and the way I see things, but also having the position of being a student.

You are CEO of IMPower Creatives, tell us more about it and what inspired you to create this movement and why it was necessary?

IMPower Creatives is a movement to encourage and inspire people with creative minds who dream big but desire to live bigger. It’s mostly inspired by my journey and the necessity of assisting people in the process of empowering themselves in creativity, artistry and business. I wanted to build something that felt like support to the one needing encouragement but also it felt like a catapult to the creative in business, who is multifaceted and wanting to take their vision to the next level.

You recently just published your Ebook “10 Steps to Strengthening Courageous Muscle” (Congratulations), without telling us too much, give us an insight into what this book is all about and what motivated you to write it?

The book is essentially a personal development step by step process of how to increase the courage within you. By helping you to take responsibility (empowering you) to live, build and grow unapologetically. It’s something I wish I had when stepping into the vision and so I want to help people to move into that smoother than I did.

2020 has been a life changing year for many of us, what advice would you give to others, especially creative entrepreneurs?

It sounds cliche but feel the fear and do it anyway. Loads of people are waiting for someone to save them and no one on this earth, is coming. We have tools in our tool boxes to build the tree so build it. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, just grow. That takes feeling it out, growing in emotional, spiritual, financial and physical intelligence. Take your time but keep moving and don’t sleep on personal development.

What or who inspires and motivates you daily and why?

Big question.

God inspires me, he just shows me stuff in people and I just want to see it come out! I think seeing the joy from knowing who we are, what we can do, how we can change the world and impact, is just gold.

Finally to you - What is real? What is authentic? and What is winning?

Jesus is real.

True love is authentic.

Joy is winning.

Continue to follow Danielle's journey connect with her via

Instagram - @thisdanielle

Check out her company IMPower Creatives on instagram - @impowercreatives

You can purchase her E-book 10 Steps to Building Courageous Muscle

Listen to her Creative Superhero podcast also available on Spotify, Apple podcast.


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