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Interview: Gennaro Mosca

We caught up with Gennaro Mosca, sharing his passion for health, people and sports. Sharing his incredible story from moving to the UK from Italy 10 years ago, why everyone needs real nutrients and the best ways to make health a lifestyle.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Ambitious, Strong, Intelligent

Tell us a little more about yourself and your journey making you the man you are today?

Coming from a heated Southern Italian area, Napoli, my upbringing has been very rough. I tried to give up so many times since I was a kid, I’ve been abused and I started to abuse of myself through drugs, sex, alcohol..all of that jazz!

I moved in England 10 years ago for different reasons: home issues, troubles with crime and other things that broke my soul. Once I landed in the UK, I became homeless almost straight away, fighting to survive with the little dreams I had. My life was a mess, I met God in 2014 and never turned back! I met my wife Rhimes who I love dearly, she also made me the man I am today.

Today I can say that I know who I am and what's my purpose. I love to connect with people, supporting their mental health and wellbeing through what I do and help the youth to grow strong, healthy and fierce.

One of my mottos is, when you feel like giving up, remember how far you've come, how many people need you and how many people love you, that should be enough to get yourself together!

How did you get into nutrition and fitness?

I have always been into fitness, I played semi pro football in Italy, trained as well as different sports. But I had no understanding of nutrition whatsoever and indeed, even that was a mess. My body has been through a lot of changes, from being physically fit to skinny to fat then skinny again, but today I got muscles baby! LOL - Man what a journey.

In 2015 I became a Personal Trainer and since then, my life has completely transformed. Today I help people to learn and listen to their bodies to then achieve the maximum performance and healthy lifestyle, educating about nutrition hacks and gut health. I specialised in boxing, exercise to music, strength and condition and mobility flow. I am always studying and I will always be studying to improve my knowledge and bring more to the table.

I have built the ultimate program which includes: 1 to 1 online and face to face coaching, Fat Loss, Resistance Training, Mobility Training, Nutritional Therapy, Muscular development and Toning, Boxing Training and more, and of course a huge accountability. I also teach fitness and boxing classes online at the moment!

I’ve been collaborating with a charity called Food Project based in Finchley road in which we provide free healthy food for less fortunate people and educate them. We cook everything from scratch, no frozen food or pre cooked meals - Yukky !

Everybody needs real nutrients!

What's the best advice you have ever been given and what advice would you give to others to stay motivated with their health and wellbeing?

The best advice I've been given was that every disease comes from your gut so stop blaming the genetic!

My best advice is to focus on your health and less on your scale. Results that last, come with a healthy lifestyle and not only with a 12 weeks fitness plan for your wedding or summer time. It's a lifestyle!

Who or what inspires you and why?

The people that inspire me are my mum, my dad, my brothers and my granny, she is a real warrior!

My wife is also a huge inspiration for me!

The thing that inspires me the most is fear...I know it sounds raw, but after all, if it wasn't for fear, I've wouldn't be here today..

Also, when fear inspires you it means you are in control. Period!

Finally to you - What is real? What is authentic? and What is winning?

What's real for me is the love for people.

Took me a while to understand it..and now I will just love on people!

Authentic relationships are important for me as also character.

Winning is when you know your fears and instead of running away or fight it, you cope with it...that's winning for me!

Connect with Gennaro and continue to follow his journey via instagram @official_gennaromos


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