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Is confidence key?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Confidence is key I’ve heard this over and over again, but I’ve always thought what does it actually mean to be confident? So I looked up the dictionary definition which states “the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.”

So is confidence real key… well I agree as is vital to whatever you want to progress and grow in. It’s true when you look around sometimes for example take a work situation or if you see someone doing something that you want to be doing, you know deep down within yourself that you can do it there’s not much difference between you or them, now I don’t encourage comparison to be a mirror but its good to reflect and I’m all for healthy competition. Back to you and the other mystery person the only real difference is that they have more confidence, they don’t even have all qualifications or skills.

Confidence is still complex, but what I have come to realise is it really matters where your confidence is. Who or what you put your confidence in will ultimately impact your progression in life. Sounds harsh but its the truth, think about dominos when that one falls, the ripple effect it has that rest fall one by one, we all been there when we had our confidence knocked, not the best feeling.

Good news is that we don’t have to stay down, we always have another chance to build and regain our confidence. Its a matter of learning from your previous experiences meaning don’t put all your confidence in unstable things or people, I mean if there is one thing you take away from the last year of the pandemic, is life is uncertain and can change at anytime, doesn’t mean we have to be anxious for anything just means we need to redirect our confidence.

The question is where should we put our confidence, this is a personal journey that you get to go on and discover, for me I put my confidence in God and everything he has called me to be and purposed me for, and while I have breath.

A friend once said to “Jackie you need to be confident in your mistakes” - replace your name and say this out loud to yourself.

Life changing right, this absolutely blew my mind too, be confident in your mistakes what does that mean, well firstly for my performers out there we have a motto “wrong and strong”, referring to if you make a mistake own it to point you make others look bad. And that’s it, its about us embracing and showing humility because we don’t know everything yes there maybe gaps or work to do, that’s ok to work through.

More and more I’m realising I can’t let the fear or being wrong or making mistakes stop me progressing to the next steps in life, how do you think inventions came about, life is full of trial and error. So let me be confident in making mistakes knowing that when they are made this is helping get closer to being a master.

You’ve heard it before, you never know until you try so whatever it is, whether it’s personal, work, relationships find the confidence to take the first steps and know and be ok that you are going to make mistakes yes you are, because perfection doesn’t exist, its all part of the winning journey, embrace the embarrassment, discomfort, uncertainty it’ll be over and you’ll be shining.

You’re probably thinking “what if I fail?” But what if you don’t, what if you exceed your potential and you’re able to win. Winners are people who have failed and have the confidence to not give up, instead they kept going and try again and again and again.


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