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The Grass is Already Green

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We’ve all heard the phrase the “the grass is always greener on the other side” which has more and more slowly been updated to the “the grass is not always greener on the other side”. I’ve recently updated it to “the grass is already green”.

How did I get here – well I found myself constantly trying to look and live in the future with thoughts like “when I have this then I would be able to do this?” Or thinking like the great thief of comparison “they are able to do this, because they have this?” And the list goes on just a bunch of excuses really.

I recently spent the majority of August refocusing, aligning and being more present with myself which was just amazing and what I needed. In this time I did what I call a life inventory, literally wrote down what I have whether it be skills, experience, character attributes, physical things etc. I was shocked at this overflowing list, I realised and could see how much I actually have to work with. My perspective was robbing me because I was not focusing on what’s right in front of me and struggled to see or appreciate what I had.

So I say the grass is already green wherever you are its green may not be the shade of green you like but it’s green. Tend to your garden with gratitude, water it with focus, weed out distractions and enjoy your green garden, it’s yours nobody else’s.

While I love looking to the future and dreaming of the things to achieve which is great, there’s also a multitude of joy to be experienced right in front of us.

You are right where you need to be, work what you've got and flourish.


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