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Summer is not far away, this is the time of the year when most of us get moving to be ‘summer body’ ready, inspired to take on healthier lifestyle options to hit those health goals. I have quite a few questions with this, firstly what is an ideal summer body? Why do we wait for summer season to look/feel good? Is this healthy?

So what does health mean to you?

For me its physical, mental, financial, emotional and spiritual health, so diverse right, but these are all the areas I want to thrive in.

Looking at physical health, I personally believe it’s not just about hitting a goal of wanting to look a certain way, nope it doesn’t work like that. It’s about being the best version of you so that you will look and feel good.

The older I get the more I’m prioritising my health, for me it was one of the first self care moves I had ever done. Yes you heard me, deciding to prioritise your health is self care. I’m mindful of what I eat and I love a good workout; exercise hasn’t ever really been an issue for me, but I can’t say the same for food, I’ve really had to address my relationship with food, with the biggest sweet tooth: sugar has been my best friend and is still my friend now, just with lots of boundaries, I personally couldn’t divorce it completely.

So what has my health journey been like?

As mentioned I love to move my body whether its sports like netball, rounders, running and of course dance. The best part about physical exercise is its not only good for you physically but you’re also great for your mental health. How many times have you had next to no motivation or energy to workout but you still manage to get through and complete it, despite how difficult it was, afterwards you feel more powerful and ready to conquer the day. Honestly, more than ever I’m grateful to move my body it’s really helped me navigate through recent lockdowns.

I’m not one for diets, whilst they’re good to get started for me personally they were not sustainable, I love sweets too much. It’s about lifestyle, few years ago I switched up my nutrition and I haven’t looked back since, as I became very aware of what I was putting into my body and the effects it having the great revelation that food is medicine. I came to a point of not only wanting to lose weight, my skin was suffering from constant breaks out in my 20s I was super confused as well as bloating I had enough. I just wanted to feel good.

I’ve realised how incredible and sensitive our body is and we only get one so let's treat it well and feed it with the goodness it needs.

Once I made my physical health a priority this health rippled into life around me, I was able to give more and better quality of time to my craft as a dancer, teacher, relationships and other jobs, I now feel more alive.

It’s not just your feelings there’s so many statistics to support a healthy lifestyle as an option benefiting you physically, emotionally, mentally, in relationships and more . Remember it's not about looking a certain way, because you can look toned and fit and still be unhealthy. It’s about finding a balance for your internal organs to thrive, grow and shape physically, sleep better and live a longer and better quality of life.

So I encourage you continue to prioritise and invest in your health because once you're winning on the inside you’ll be able to give and receive more from life.

Keep an eye out to for more from health and fitness experts and some tips to adopt a more healthier lifestyle.


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